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The Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management (ESBM)

Are you an innovative thinker? A natural born leader? An individual who is searching for an ever-growing career path?

The Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management program is a ground-breaking, inspiring, and hands-on business program. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or aspiring to dive into the world of business, this program is meant for you.

This program is designed for students who want practical experience, significant business courses ranging from marketing to accounting, and to learn the essentials of starting a business.

Over three action packed years – students will learn the fundamentals of running and managing a business, as well as have the opportunity to put their ideas and learnings to the test.

Students will depart from the Entrepreneurship program with numerous skills such as:

  • Presentation skills
  • Digital Marketing
  • Planning & budgeting
  • Communication
  • Risk management
  • Business law

Whether you leave this program and become an entrepreneur, a business manager, or a consultant, you will enter the world with the necessary skills to impact your future.

Get Involved

As an Entrepreneurship student, you network with students, participate in school community activities, enroll in case competitions where students get to showcase their business marketing skills.

  • Dawson Case Competition
  • Alexis Nihon Business Plan Competition
  • Vanier College BDC Case Challenge
  • Édouard-Montpetit Case Competition

After you Graduate

The Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management three-year career program opens up many doors, including internships in:

  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Retail
  • & much more

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